Grain Cut Balsa Panels

Grain cut timber is the cross-sectional area of a trunk – cut across the grain so that the annual rings are visible. Moisture can penetrate in more easily than it can for timber cut along the grain as the capillaries of the wood have been cut through. A cross cut surface can withstand considerable pressure when compared to a surface which has been cut along the grain.

Production of Grain Cut Balsa Panels

Mature balsa trees are sawn to form squared timber. Following kiln drying these are sorted according to quality and bonded into blocks which are then cut into grain cut balsa panels of the desired thickness and then sanded if necessary. The panel can now absorb a very high level of pressure in the surface.

Properties of our Grain Cut Balsa Panels

►  1st or 2nd quality
►  Sanded or unsanded
►  3-50mm thick
►  610mm x 1220mm