Balsa Wood Qualities

Balsa of A-quality

Balsa wood of A-quality is used where the balsa wood remains visible and immaculate appearance is required, such as for building model gliders, model boats, architectural models etc.

Balsa of B-quality

Balsa wood of B-quality is used for balsa wood which is processed at a point which is not visible. The appearance does not matter as much here when it is used as a filling and insulating material for example in a wide range of areas. Balsa wood of B-quality may contain more wormholes, pith strip, knots, discolourations, mineral stains or the like. These small blemishes do not, however, have any effect on the particular properties of the balsa wood for building model boats, model gliders, architectural models etc.

Balsa of C-quality

Balsa wood of C-quality is occasionally used where requirements are not as high.

We only stock balsa wood of this quality in exceptional cases. We usually downgrade B-quality wood with minimal transport damage to C-quality.