Broomsticks & Handles

We stock round rods (as handles, broomsticks, rake shafts, tool shafts) in export quality, bundled, with round head, sometimes with aluminium thread …

Balsa Wood

Balsa wood is the lightest commercial timber in the world - it weighs less than cork. Our balsa wood …


Our Finnish birch, ceiba and poplar types of plywood stand out due to their strength. The base material is wood - a sustainable raw material ...

Massaranduba Decking

Massaranduba it is an exotic Brazilian wood which is one of the most robust, durable and easily sustainable natural decking material in the market.

Origin and Manufacture

We import our balsa wood from the Ecuadorian Andes. The balsa tree is part of the mallow family …

Corozo Nut (Tagua Nut) from Ecuador


Balsa Wood, Plywood, Broomsticks & Handles, Curtain Poles

We are FSC® certified and we specialise in the import of modelling material such as balsa wood in the form of sawn balsa wood, small balsa wood sheets and balsa wood battens. We also offer balsa grain cut timber panels and balsa surfboards. We also import plywood such as Finnish birch model aircraft plywood, poplar plywood and ceiba plywood to meet modelling requirements.

We also import broomsticks and handles and curtain poles.
We stock tauari, pine, taeda pine, aspen, koto and ramin round rods.

We have had FSC® certification since May 2014. The FSC® was founded in order to promote an ecologically appropriate, socially beneficial, economically profitable management of forests worldwide, thus guaranteeing that the needs of current generations can be met without endangering the needs of future generations. It is necessary to preserve naturally existing forest communities, to respect the rights of workers, municipalities and local inhabitants and to guarantee safe working conditions.
Look out for FSC® certified products!