Flexible Birch Plywood

This plywood has a very high degree of bending strength but it is also the most flexible birch plywood available on the market. Its unique technical properties ensure that this plywood is used for both fascinating design solutions and also for elegant wall elements, luxury packaging and business cards.


► Flexible and pliable
► High strength and stable
► Joint free surface
► Easy to work
► Easy to paint, printable
► Water and heat resistant bonding
► Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Areas of use

► Interior panelling
► Lamps and furniture
► Business cards, postcards
► Credit cards, hotel keys
► Model making and toys
► Gift and luxury packaging
► Wine and whisky containers
► Signs and stickers


► With special film glue based on long-fibre cellulose
► Water – and heat-resistant bonding


► AB/AB premium rotary cut veneer from one piece, without joints


► 0.4mm 2-/3-layer, 0.6mm 0.8 1.0 1.5 3-layer, 2.0mm 4-layer, 2.5mm 5-layer


► 1200 x 1200mm, 1450 x 1450mm

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